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Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
As I pointed out above, a male who has transitioned cannot take on the history of sexual oppression that is inextricably linked to being female, nor can a biological woman take on the history of privilege that is inextricably linked to being male.
Are you suggesting that transwomen weren't raised in an environment that included sexism? Because of course they were. We all were. They heard exactly the same things said about girls as the other girls did. They listened as the boys around them said 'You throw like a girl' as an insult and they saw how depictions of doctors and lawyers and scientists were usually men, and they saw the TV adverts for cleaning products that seemed to portray a world where women were all stay-at-home-mums, and while they took all this in they identified with the girls and not the boys. Sexism doesn't only wound the intended targets. It's more like a canister of tear gas than a bullet. When I was a little girl I used to play with boys who sometimes made sexist remarks that weren't 'intended' for me because I was their friend. But it still affected me.

And if by some wonder most transwomen were never affected by the same sexism that targets cisgender girls, why should the indicator of femininity be how much crap you get for being female? Am I less of a woman than somebody who lives in a more conservative society? Will I get an extra stamp on my certified Ladycard if I go out now and get catcalled?

Sorry about the rant.

As for the OP, I feel that the 'But transgender people!' argument has little weight partly because there's no evidence than transracial identity just pops up naturally in the same way that transgender identity does.

I feel weirdly sorry for this woman. What she's done is a terrible breach of trust that may have a detrimental impact on the organisation, but in trying to imagine why anybody would balance on a wobbly stack of lies like that I keep coming back to the feeling that she must have a desire to be accepted that goes beyond all sense of what is appropriate. She reminds me in some ways of a woman who became the leader of a group of 9/11 survivors who fabricated her entire experience of escaping the collapse of one of the towers. What drives a person to reject their own background so completely that they appropriate another identity that isn't remotely like their own? The articles mentions an adopted brother who is black. I wonder if she identified with him more than her parents and somehow that got warped into a plan to invent a new racial background for herself? I suppose we can never know unless she spills the beans herself.

I wish people would stop commenting that she doesn't even look black. It's not only wrong, it comes across as a bit smug. It's like saying that everybody must have been stupid not to see the 'obvious' when the lie actually wasn't evident at all just from her appearance. She could easily look like a mix-raced person who identifies as black, even though it turns out she's not. It's not as if only a white woman could ever use a shade of make-up/tanner that makes her look like she's been Tango'd.
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