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Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
During the years Dolezal lived representing herself as a black woman, she took on the barriers of the race to which she had transitioned. Everyone saw her as black, blacks, whites, and bigots alike. Now she is taking on the significant stigma of being caught in her pretense.
She didn't take on the barriers though, because she always had her safety net. And the stigma she's taking on now is because she wrongfully appropriated others' culture.

Isn't that a technology issue? Until recent hormone therapy and plastic surgery techniques, a transgender person often stuck out in a crowd. A masculine looking biological man dressed as a woman was unlikely to be allowed to teach in a school for girls, become a midwife, or marry the man she loved.
It's not a technology issue because race isn't an actual thing. It's a social construct. You can change a person's biology in certain ways, but you cannot change their heritage, which is the issue.

We may well reach the point where we can cosmetically transition from black to white. As I pointed out above, a male who has transitioned cannot take on the history of sexual oppression that is inextricably linked to being female, nor can a biological woman take on the history of privilege that is inextricably linked to being male.
The issue, though, is that sex and gender isn't a social construct, it's a biological reality that can be changed at physical levels and transitioned to.

And changing from Black to White isn't going to change a person's heritage of oppression. I'd pretty much guarantee you that people would find a way to discriminate against "transracial Whites" in pretty much the same way they discriminate against Blacks now.

So, no, there is no such thing as being transracial.

I'll even say for myself, when I grew up in Texas, I had a lot of Mexican Americans as friends. I love Mexican culture. I love the food, I love the language, and the traditions. I hate the way they can be discriminated against and would stand with them at every opportunity. There were times where I wished that culture was mine. But it's not because it's based on history and heritage. It's not something I can have.

If I was transgender, I could potentially have a different body, a different sex because it's more than heritage. It's physical.
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