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Originally Posted by A Turtle Named Mack View Post
Whether it required a law initially or people just naturally segregated types of traffic, it was a sensible development that in many areas predated cars, but was made more imperative by cars.
It still doesn't require a law in the UK, or in many other places, though. One effect of the law is that in an accident involving a car and a pedestrian, the blame tends to get placed on the pedestrian because well - they must have been doing something wrong if they were breaking a law.

Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
But how would all the people who live along the country roads and need to drive -- perhaps because they live many miles out of town -- get to the one road you'd be letting them drive on? They might well live miles away from that road, also.
It wasn't a hugely serious suggestion, but people managed to live in those places long before cars were even invented, so they must be able to find some way to get around that doesn't involve cars. Of course, it's possible to drive a pony and trap recklessly fast too.

Most traffic on these roads isn't people getting to and from their houses on the road, though - there would be much less of it if that were the case. It's through traffic from other places, that could be routed away onto a different road. There could be a "resident's exception" and it would still reduce traffic hugely and perhaps mean that the resident drivers had to fit in better and accomodate the other, non-automotive traffic. Many of the people driving might even prefer to use a different means of transport along that road if it were safer to do so. I'd be much more likely to cycle if there was less traffic - although I really enjoy walking too, and it would make the walking much better.

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