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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
If I were in charge, I'd ban cars from country roads, rather than from town centres. You could have bikes, pedestrians, horses, all happily co-existing - the bikes would have to take a bit of care if they were going fast - and leave the cars out, and to my mind it would be a lot better and safer, and better for people's health, than now. I'd designate one road for cars in and out of each town or village, and anybody who needed to drive could use that.
But how would all the people who live along the country roads and need to drive -- perhaps because they live many miles out of town -- get to the one road you'd be letting them drive on? They might well live miles away from that road, also.

Alternative transportation is a lot easier to provide in the town center than along all the country roads.

-- Samwise, that bit makes it sound as if the problem was common with horses before it became a problem with cars; which may well have been true. I guess I was wondering how common it was, by the early 1900's, for the horses to have already driven the pedestrians out of the busier city streets; and to what extent, again by the early 1900's, provision had been made for pedestrians on sidewalks or equivalent -- though I'm sure that depended a whole lot on where you were.
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