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Originally Posted by Skeptic View Post
Ouch. That's cold. I've been in similar in Switzerland. The hottest I have been in is 45. C ( 113 F ), once in Australia and another time in Pakistan. I'd always prefer extreme heat to extreme cold.
The hottest I've been in was 117 F (>47 C) in Redding California, and -13 F (-25 C) in Norway. I can't say that I liked either extreme, but with the cold, we were cross-country skiing, so that kept me warmed up a bit. The heat was just absolutely will-to-live-sapping. I think if I had to just hang out in one or the other, I'd take the heat, but I'd still hate it.

ETA: In Redding, things on the seat of my car melted, including a cassette tape case that became curved and embossed with the pattern of the upholstery (and was stuck to it pretty good when I pulled it off)
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