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Comment: An article u wrote...
First of all the interview was live on MTV was only shown once and was
done by Kurt loder. It took place in a long white hallway backstage either
at MTV or a venue.. ..
Sadly even though I watched this in disgust at the ripe age of 16 I still
remember it clearly.. What the guy said who called Howard has the story
wrong.. What she said ( I would rather have my children starving and
dying in the streets then to have white people buy and listen to my
music.) What she meant was that shed rather be poor and homeless in the
streets with her children starving then to make money off white people....
P.s. I think the only way to truly know if what I'm saying or what your
saying is correct, would be to speak with Kurt loder. Who was clearly
shocked as they quickly cut to commercial.... Soooo. For the sake of the
truth'd need to speak to Loder....
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