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Originally Posted by Avril View Post
I imagine it would be hard to get through any degree program at Princeton with professors who were only of one race, although I certainly haven't heard of anyone who tried to do that. I personally find the whole "look like me" thing problematic on many levels. I am mixed race. What I look like is not necessarily an indication of my cultural background.

As for why I posted it, it's relevant because, although he is somewhat reactionary and ill-informed, I think it's important to know the world from which Tal Fortgang was writing.

Privilege exists. Fortgang has some in some areas and not in others. Intersectionality of privilege is often a more relevant discussion than one of racial privilege in isolation, especially when a lot is presumed about Fortgang and other white students that is not accurate.

I definitely have seen how racial privilege and systemic racism is real and has a real impact on life in the United States. I have also seen how shallow knowledge of that, regardless of how one uses the shallow knowledge, can create other problems.
One of the points of the OP was that if you have a critique of accusations of racism, then make it. It's just ridiculous to jump all the way to "privilege doesn't exist, and claims that it does are actually racist." It's a context free argument, and it's flat wrong, regardless of the context.
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