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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
Also, given that Alarm lives in Ontario, I'm sure there's no shortage of people who look him all around him, even using that inappropriately narrow definition. This is exactly the sort of thing that is conveyed by the word "privilege."
Well, Nepean is significantly populated by immigrant communities, just like mine, the next one over*. I go shopping, it is more than 75% of the time the person to my right (or left) does not look like me**.

So, besides painting all of Ontario with one brush, tell me what your point is supposed to be.

*Census data continues to show that urban centres in Canada, including Ontario, continue to look less and less "white". Cite -> 27% of the city of Ottawa is a self reported visible minority.

**Within 2 km of my house, I have Little Lebanon, Little Somalia and a significant mixed African community. Expanding a bit broader, we have larger enclaves of south Asian groups and Caribbean groups.

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