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Originally Posted by Chloe View Post
I'm also having trouble in seeing how it's relevant. And even if you can select all your classes to have a professor look like you, you probably wouldn't get the classes or the major you need. Do other students have the same struggle?
I imagine it would be hard to get through any degree program at Princeton with professors who were only of one race, although I certainly haven't heard of anyone who tried to do that. I personally find the whole "look like me" thing problematic on many levels. I am mixed race. What I look like is not necessarily an indication of my cultural background.

As for why I posted it, it's relevant because, although he is somewhat reactionary and ill-informed, I think it's important to know the world from which Tal Fortgang was writing.

Privilege exists. Fortgang has some in some areas and not in others. Intersectionality of privilege is often a more relevant discussion than one of racial privilege in isolation, especially when a lot is presumed about Fortgang and other white students that is not accurate.

I definitely have seen how racial privilege and systemic racism is real and has a real impact on life in the United States. I have also seen how shallow knowledge of that, regardless of how one uses the shallow knowledge, can create other problems.
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