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I didn't see the original piece that prompted the OP. However, I find that what the OP says somehow doesn't get discussed. In the course of my lifetime, I have become aware in my work and in my life of how important race is, especially in the US.
It has affected everything since before our founding. Our constitution initially details how to account for slaves (and Native Americans) for congressional apportionment, although the slaves and then their freed descendents couldn't vote, especially after the re-establishment of Jim Crow.
Then with the Civil Rights Acts, things became better. Now, there is yet another attempt at changing things back. The Supreme Court majority seems to be of this mind. Yet a look at statistics, at the difference in the lives and opportunities of many black people should say No to this.
I have no doubt about how this has played out in my favor over my life. The fact that I live in a region that is itself treated as second class by elites, just reinforces this for me.

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