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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
And aren't feet just as essential a "weapon" in the martial arts?
My guess is that would depend on the "martial art". Boxing is a "martial art" not of Asian origin, and it only uses the hands. Wrestling does not use "striking motions". Judo, from what I understand, is also not about striking. There are variations which strike with fists and feet only, and others which include knees and elbows. I would imagine that in a real fight, if the opportunity presented itself to strike a significant blow with a knee or elbow, a person would take that opportunity rather than rely only upon their training.

Then there's another issue of "body parts" as weapons - the "enhancement" of body parts. Brass knuckles, steel-toed boots, hard knee or elbow pads - having these items and being the aggressor in a fight is not going to look good. But there is no necessity of registration of any of those items where they are legal. ("Brass knuckles" and the like vary from state to state in the US.)

Knives - even large knives with dubious value as anything but weapons - do not have to be registered. In fact, in places where there are restrictions on the size and type of knife one can normally carry around, there is no equivalent to the firearm carry permit. In some places, I imagine that walking around with a (concealed or "brandished") machete could have problems with respect to the law. I don't know of anyone who has tried to walk around with a concealed (or openly carried) sword - but I imagine that carrying one may arouse suspicion, and that there aren't too many good reasons for carrying around a concealed, sharp-edged sword. And there's no place to go and register one's sword either.
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