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Well, I don't know all the fancy computer jargon, but I thought I'd weigh in with my own personal experience. The last two computers I purchased were from a store down the street from my parents' house. The second computer I bought after the first was about 5 years old and seriously needed an upgrade. Usually my dad does this but when we went into the computer store for the second computer, the guy had a computer already built that was basically what I was looking for that was a little less than I was planning on spending anyway, so I went with that. It already had Windows installed on it but it was a different version from the one I had on my old computer. However, since I already had a Windows version, code and all, I wanted to just install that on the computer. The guy took Windows off for me and knocked that off the price and my dad installed my old Windows copy on the computer. This store is a sort of mom and pop set up. Just two guys work there full time, one being the owner. It's like a step up from people who build and sell computers out of their basements.
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