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Originally Posted by Troberg View Post
Perhaps not from bundled computers, but there is nothing preventing them from selling computers not bundled with Microsoft stuff.
Aside from lack of consumer interest in such a product, that is.

Actually, I've done that dance, and after being bounced around for a while, it was Microsoft that reimbursed me
Not in North America:

What Products Are Not Eligible for a Refund?
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software preloaded on a PC (contact the PC manufacturer)

at about 1/10 of shelf value
You didn't pay shelf value for it, so why should you expect a shelf value refund for it?

Actually, it's not that simple. Most manufacturers make crappy computers (especially laptops, which I can't build myself). If I want a good laptop, I'm pretty much limited to ASUS, high end HP and Toshiba. Of these, only ASUS sells without Windows, and only on the low end machines.
Actually, it is that simple. You apparently just aren't looking very hard and/or have unreasonable standards.
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