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Originally Posted by Troberg View Post
Yep, they often claim that, and that it would be illegal for them to do so, but it's just a sales trick. It's perfectly legal, and most retailers will rethink their position if you simply say "OK, then I'll go and buy it somewhere else...".
Not so. It may not be "illegal" (i.e., a violation of criminal law) for computer retailers to remove the operating systems from bundled computers, but it's a violation of their contract with the OEMs and they are therefore not at liberty to do so.

If not, just don't click on any "Agree"-button and instead call Microsoft and say that you do not agree with the terms, and want, as promised, a full refund. They don't like it, but they will give you some money
Actually, they'll tell you that the licensing terms are an agreement between you and the OEM that distributes the software, so you need to contact the OEM to obtain a refund.
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