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Originally Posted by Hero_Mike View Post
Here's a question - is it possible to purchase a laptop without an OS? I have seen "unbranded" or "house brand" laptops sold by companies like "Tiger Direct", but I haven't looked for a few years. Essentially, you can't "build" a laptop from scratch like a desktop - sure, you can select the value and complexity of components within the laptop but only from a narrow list.
I just looked on Tiger Direct, and they do offer a range of OS, "none" is no longer an option, at least online.

Originally Posted by Hero_Mike View Post
I did think of a situation where it is advantageous to buy a computer without an OS. It's when you're replacing an existing computer and you still have a valid OS license, but a computer that won't run.
There is still the fact that the OS is really a small portion of the price of a PC. You can still (possibly) install the old OS on the new computer, but it really isn't cost effective for large companies to sell PCs with no OS loaded.
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