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In the middle ages, when the influence and formality of the Catholic Church was at its highest, the "fasting days" where numerous and included, IIRC...
  • every Wednesday
  • every Friday
  • all of Lent
  • all of Advent (a similar 40-day period before Christmas)
  • the eve (Saturday) of major "feasts" such as Pentecost or The Assumption

That's about 150 to 200 days - I'm too lazy to do the exact math but it used to be substantial.

Some Catholics, to this day, hold themselves to a higher standard than the minimum required these days, and maintain the "fast and abstinence", or at least abstain from meat, on Fridays throughout the year. My uncle's wife and her family come from such a tradition of devotion, and abstain from meat on Friday's, year-round.
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