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Computer Origin? "Your cell phone has a name"

This showed up on my facebook newsfeed tonight:

Your Cell Phone has a name! Take the last three digits of your number (example ***-***-*618). Type it like this: @[618:0] in the comments below and hit enter. It's [sic] name will appear!
It does actually work, in that, if you enter a three digit number that does not begin with 0, a name is generated. The name is consistent to the number; that is, it's the same name every time you enter the same sequence of numbers. 4-digit numbers work too, but 5- and 6- digit numbers don't seem to work.

I found this explanation here
"This Is Not True...What Is Actually Occurring Is Some "Shorthand" Facebook Code...Every Facebook User And Page Are Assigned A Unique ID Number...When That ID Number Is Typed Into A Comment Box Along With The Symbols Described In The Message It Displays The Name Of A Real Corresponding Facebook User/Page...For Example, Typing In Christopher Hanley Reveals The Name Of A Facebook User With The ID Number 444...The ID Number Obviously Is Not Limited To 3 Digits (The 3 Digit Codes Belong To The Very First FB Users)... For Example Typing In Will Bring Up A FB Page Belonging To A Newer FB User...Since Our Pages Have Unique ID is 107149055980624...."
but that doesn't seem to adequately explain it either.

Any ideas of its origin, and why seemingly random sequences of numbers generate names in the fb comment box?

Found another explanation here. Looks like that might be the real explanation. Except, working backwards, when I entered some of the more unusual names, I got no hits for profiles. They might be closed profiles, I guess.
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