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Originally Posted by Mickey is a gyrl View Post
lol thanks, Barbara. I don't know Dali as well as others (like Hieronymus Bosch), so that's why I was confused.

Getting back to the actual video, though, the tape looks too primitive for Disney's work. What about the multi-plane cameras? And the video has the same few seconds repeat over and over (not just the background). And I think I recognize the scream, but I can't think of where from.
Agreed. Even the 1928 Mickey was animated better than that, and there's no way the background came from Disney artists. The walk cycle is far shorter than a typical Disney animation, as you observe (there's a gag in one of the "Spongebob Squarepants" shows when the live-action pirate host breathlessly awaits a new Spongebob cartoon and instead gets only a minute-long clip of Spongebob walking--about twenty frames' worth, looped over and over again. He screams, "It ain't a new cartoon--it's just a really bad walk cycle!"). The Mickey suicide cartoon is an obvious fake.
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