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Originally Posted by Il-Mari View Post
Well, synchronized soundtracks existed since the early 1920's in short subjects, The Jazz Singer (1927) is the first full-length film with recorded synchronized dialogue, and Steamboat Willie (1928) had a soundtrack and dialogue (by Walt Disney!).....
And even before Disney, the Fleischer Studios produced synchronized-sound cartoons: in 1924, they brought out the first sound-on-film "follow the bouncing ball" song cartoon (but no synchronized speech was in that one) "Goodbye My Lady Love." The first synchronized speech was in another one of these (they were called "Song Car-Tunes"), "My Old Kentucky Home," in 1926: "Follow the bouncing ball and join in, everybody!" And even Paul Terry beat Disney to the punch, slightly: Terry's sound cartoon, "Dinner Time," was completed a month before Disney's "Steamboat Willie," but Mickey hit the theaters a little earlier.
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