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I didn't see much in the way of color, but at any rate, some pretty superb color was possible by the mid-1920's, it just wasn't used very often, because the cameras that were needed to film it were huge and clunky, so they pretty much had to stay in one place for a scene, and some films would have a few color scenes as a special effect. But the color was possible. A lot of directors considered it inartistic, though.

Disney wouldn't have had any problem using it, because the camera movement wouldn't have been a problem. I suppose he didn't, to keep costs down. As long as people didn't expect color, no reason to spend monsy on it.

Leonard Maltin would know that, which makes the whole story suspect. The person who wrote it, and made the comment about the color clearly didn't get the story directly from Leonard Maltin, nor was present at the viewing, when, one presumes, Maltin would have set him straight about color in film.
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