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When does the interesting bit happen, again...?

Surely the whole reason that films were "silent" was that there wasn't a way to do a proper, synched up soundtrack in those days? Either there were live musicians playing a score, or there was a separate soundtrack recording that approximately matched the action. Why would there be a soundtrack with this film?

(Did they even have electric pianos back then? Apparently they did. I have learned another thing tonight, as well as the fact that Edgar Allan Poe died in Baltimore.)

The written description is terrible too.

(eta) Having got as far as half way - during the "fade to black with white noise" part - it seems clear that the person who made it didn't have a clue how real film (as opposed to videotape) worked. Unless I'm missing something myself, the idea of "old-fashioned" that they were presumably going for must be thirty- or forty-odd years too advanced.

(eta again) Having got to the end, it wasn't even really worth commenting on. Definitely somebody after attention...

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