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Hello, all.

Confession time. Somehow, I lost last week's email. It isn't in my trash folder, my inbox or anywhere else. This means, since question 7 is delayed each week, I don't have the answer for last week's question 7. My apologies. I usually remember it, but of course this is one time where I don't. If anybody else knows the answer, please share.

Here we go with ...


1. The 1854-55 Siege of Sevastopol occupied a full year of what war?
Sevastopol is a port on the Black Sea. This is the Crimean War.

2. How many digits are in most U.S. passport numbers?
Apologies to international readers. The answer is nine, though apparently lengths of six, seven, and eight are possible in rarer cases, for reasons the State Department doesn't elaborate on. And even though government websites call them "digits," I probably should have said "symbols," since alphanumeric characters are possible in this "number."

3. What ginger-beer-and-lime cocktail, usually served in a copper mug, is named for the possible provenance of its third ingredient, vodka?
Moscow Mules are not really from Moscow.

4. In a chemical reaction where one substance loses electrons through oxidation, the other will gain electrons, through a complementary process called what?
These are called "redox" reactions, because they always involve both an oxidation and a reduction.

5. What organization's adventures were most famously described in the 1924 novel Beau Geste?
Beau Geste, by P. C. Wren, is the ur-source for most of our romantic ideas about the French Foreign Legion in North Africa.

6. The soccer kick sometimes called an "overhead" or "scissors" kick is more commonly known by the name of what everyday object?
Bicycles, because they're bicycle kicks. Or, much more rarely, "bi-kick-les."


1. What kind of animal is PaRappa the Rapper?

2. What 11th-century publication was so named because its contents were held to be as legally unimpeachable as the findings of the Last Judgment?

3. What 2017 TV hit's characters include Ofglen, Ofwarren, and Ofsamuel?

4. The Cavendish cultivar, now endangered by the fungal "Panama disease," currently makes up 99% of what product sold commercially?

5. After his excavations at Hissarlik, Heinrich Schliemann published an 1875 book about what city "and Its Remains"?

6. What rock band recorded the appropriately named 1980s hits "Cruiser" and "Drive"?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these movies? Angel Heart, Before Sunrise, The Bishop's Wife, Caddyshack, Eat Pray Love, Fury, Happy-Go-Lucky, Jacob's Ladder, Sherlock Holmes, The Wolf Man.

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