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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
Even if this did happen, "celebrity behaves badly" is a dog-bites-man story.
Do you really think so? Of course, we hear about many bizarre celebrity stories, but given how many people there are that qualify as celebrities enough to warrant getting coverage, it's still pretty thin. And an awful lot of the weird-celebrit stories are definitely staged, like Lady Gaga's meat dress, or most of Miley Cirus's antics. Sure, there are the alcoholic or drug-abuse fueled events, but as with the general population, relatively few celebrities go that route to the point of losing control. I am sure that it is more common to have really bad behavior among celebrities, particularly if they have eben insulated from the usual blowback from an early age, just as it is with athletes who grew up insulated from the usual rules by the protection their athletic abilities afford. However, amongst both athletes and entertainment celebrities, I am pretty sure the vast majority are regular folks for the most part, working hard at their craft and living as normal a life as the field allows.
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