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Thanks, Sue.

I did manage to get at the article using a different browser (it might also have worked if I'd messed with additional settings on the one I started with, I suppose.) You're right, they do address that.

They might or might not have also addressed my issue about poverty making it harder to get politically active even while alive; I can't tell. The article says

To further test our theory, we also considered the possibility that the poor are generally less involved in politics ó whether or not their health is good or bad, and whether or not they live a long time. This didnít change what we found.
but I don't know why that didn't change what they found, or what they mean by that -- do they mean that this additional factor is significant even though poor people in the USA are generally less involved in politics, or did they mean that poor people aren't generally less involved? and if the former, do they mean this is significant in addition, or do they mean that it makes an overwhelming amount of difference? and did they look at all as to why people are less involved, if they are less involved?

There's a link to the study itself, but as near as I can tell you have to pay to get at it.
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