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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
We've accepted the basic idea that people can come in a wide variety of heights and the very tall and very short often have problems that those in the middle don't. Why can't we accept a similar idea regarding weight?
But . . . but . . . but . . . how would all the diet industry people make any money, if they couldn't persuade people to buy their stuff over and over and over again, in the desperate hope that this time around they'll wind up thinner instead of even fatter and with their systems even more messed up?

And who would be left that it's legitimate to sneer at for being morally inferior?

(Well, I can think of some people who actually are morally inferior. Rapists, for instance. But you can't tell who they are by looking at them. Of course, you can't tell how anybody eats by looking at them, either.)
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