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I just posted this article about sunlight having a broad array of effects, including help with getting/staying slim, producing nitric oxide (needed for a LOT of processes) and affecting anti-inflammatory processes in the body. I wonder if sunlight exposure could be a big part of the results from this 'Biggest Loser' study. When these people are in training for the show, they are forced to do a lot of their exercise out in the sun, and even when they continued on their own away from the camp, most of them were getting a lot more time out in the sun with walking, biking, etc. But as they returned to their workaday lives, the sun exposure stops. Perhaps this is triggering the return of the fat (and this itself may be part of a genetically-based seasonal cycle, whereby as we get less sun, our body goes into survive-the-winter mode and lays on extra weight to stay warm and hold on to calories which may become in short supply - then when the sun exposure returns, the body is triggered to shed weight for the Spring and Summer).

I also have found that I have had less of saggy folds left after my weight loss than many major-weight-losers seem to have (as mentioned in the OP article). I had figured that it was because I lost weight a bit more gradually, because I was getting a lot of protein (keeping my body fed for the internal reorganization and rebuilding it needed), and a bit of genetic good fortune (I have never tended toward substantial wrinkliness or sagging). But also, before I had even started my weight loss program, I had a vitamin-D scare where the doctor found me way down and put me on a short supplementation program for the near term, and more regular sun exposure for the longer term. From that time I have been getting out in the sun with as much skin as I can reasonably expose as regularly as I can - never too long, but enough to get a good dose of D. With the myriad sun effects mentioned in the article I just linked, perhaps there is also something to stimulating the rebuilding of tissue, thus avoiding the sagginess that plagues many big-weight-losers. Totally speculation there, of course.

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