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Im not an expert, and I'm not even in my armchair, but IMO, fiber optic lines would be designed with the idea that end users will be using the line most of the time. In a typical household, the phone will be in use probably 10% of the day (unless you have a house full of teenagers). In any case, for a copper based system that is dedicated to phone service the usage will probably peak at 10%.

However, a fiber optic system that serves TV, internet and phone, you would probably every customer to use certain amount of bandwidth all the time. Heck, my DVR is running all the time, or atleast recording 4 hours of TV everyday. You would expect a typical household to be watching TV, browsing the internet or making calls throughout the evening. What else is there to do? Talk among each other? Pshaw! Verizon probably has to design the system so that it's saturated from 6pm - 10pm everyday.
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