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Originally Posted by Miss Cellaneous View Post
I think the problem some people have with grits is that they think of them as a "sweet" and add sugar, cinnamon, or whatever. IME they work best as a "savory" - especially good with cheese melted in, or poached eggs on top. (Never could work up a taste for red-eye gravy, though!)
I agree whole heartedly! Nothing is better than cheese grits

I have had many "True Southerners" tell me that REAL southerners don't put sugar in grits... but Mrs. Jake (born and raised in Augusta GA) has ALWAYS eaten them that way. Of course, she also drinks iced tea that makes Coca Cola Classic taste like it is sugar free.

As for red-eye gravy... of course it's delicious! It has coffee in it, AND it is very unhealthy. 2 things that guarantee that I will love it.

Originally Posted by Avril View Post
I should clarify. I can buy a large package of grits. I can't (as easily) buy a reasonable-sized package of instant grits to mail to a Swedish person who might not, in the end, like grits. I told her I'd keep looking and next time I saw the packets, I'd send her some.
PLEASE don't send instant grits! Those vile things would make anyone hate grits! Especially the flavored ones.

If it's ease of preparation you are worried about, try Quick Grits like these from Quaker, or the standard at my house: Jim Dandy

If it's weight you are worried about, they come in packages as small as 2 lbs if I'm not mistaken (possibly smaller, but we buy 5 to 20 lbs at a time!).


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