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7-Up in milk isn't any worse than Hershey's chocolate in milk; the chocolate syrup may have a tiny bit of iron and calcium, but it also has the stimulant theobromine. 7-Up is just sugar, water, and a little citric flavor, not even any dyes. If you've got a kid that doesn't like milk, and needs more calcium and vitamin A in his diet, and a couple of tablespoons of 7-Up in a cup of milk will get himto drink it, that's not so bad, particularly if we're talking about an elementary-school aged kid. It's way, way better than non-caffeine free, diet Dr. Pepper in a baby's bottle, which I have seen, and I mean a real baby, under a year, or at least not walking, and pretty small. And I've seen people giving even smaller babies things like Sprite and Orange Crush in 8oz bottles all the time, apparently thinking it's pretty much just like juice, not considering that carbonation is going to give the baby gas, juice at least has vitamin C, and most doctors advise diluting juice for infants, and not giving more than four ounces of diluted juice at once.
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