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Originally Posted by Silas Sparkhammer View Post
No deductions from what I do not post can possibly be valid.
That's why I didn't make any. That's why I asked why you didn't mention it.

Perhaps I missed that point entirely; perhaps I choose not to address it from a lack of knowledge; perhaps my horoscope advised me not to concern myself with it.
Yes, that's why I asked. I don't know why. I have made no guesses.

It would be the very height of error to derive information from the silences between my sentences.
That's why I didn't. I derived no information. I was puzzled, so I asked.

You might as well ask why I haven't mentioned anything about the guard dogs, and their peculiar behavior in the night-time.
Non-sequitur. I asked because I don't know why you chose to solely address one of two parts of the same statement that could be called lies. It seems odd to me, because even if everything you've claimed about "under fire" were still true, it would be completely irrelevent if the running to the cars part was untrue: her account would still be a lie and your defense would be pointless. So I was stumped. I have no clue where you got the idea I was making any inferences about why you didn't mention did you get that from anything I wrote?

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