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Originally Posted by pinqy View Post
And you still haven't addressed running to the cars. Why?
No deductions from what I do not post can possibly be valid. Perhaps I missed that point entirely; perhaps I choose not to address it from a lack of knowledge; perhaps my horoscope advised me not to concern myself with it. It would be the very height of error to derive information from the silences between my sentences.

I remember a thread, on snopes, many years ago, involving media bias. One of our correspondents was claiming evidence of media bias on the basis of which stories the press did not cover. Since, for every story a newspaper prints, there are assuredly thousands -- perhaps billions? -- that they do not, a full analysis of lacunae would be an absurd undertaking.

You might as well ask why I haven't mentioned anything about the guard dogs, and their peculiar behavior in the night-time.

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