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Finished Longitude and then whipped through 2 Marion Chesney (aka M. C. Beaton) Regency fluff novels. I think I will use some of these as mood lifters after any books that I find to be downers. Like Jo Walton’s Farthing, which is migrating to the top of my to-be-read queue. The premise behind Walton's alt-history Small Change series is that England negotiated “Peace with Honor” with Nazi Germany, the results of which can be nothing other than godawful depressing.

Yesterday, I also started and finished James McPherson’s Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life. It’s a good primer for Civil War newbies, less useful for me since I’d already known most of it from my intense reading diet of Civil War books back in junior high. Oh, well, it was extremely short (hence how I finished it in one day without any particular effort).

Still moving through Reamde at a slow and steady pace. The thriller parts I like, but the WoR (War of Realignment) strikes me as more than a little silly. It also doesn’t as yet relate back to the REAMDE creators, making it a sidetrack from the main plot.

Just started Robert McCammon’s The Wolf’s Hour.
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