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Originally Posted by Jay Temple View Post
ISTR that under English Common Law, every dog was entitled to "one free bite." That is, until the first time your dog bit someone, you were not liable because your dog was presumed not to be dangerous, and after that you were liable. This came up precisely in connection with the question raised, so before the various localities changed their laws, the situation described in the OP probably did apply.
We've got snopsters her more learned in these things than me, but I seem to remember that under Talmud law, you are not held liable when your ox hurts somebody for the first time, since you couldn't know that the animal would be dangerous. When he hurts somebody for the second time,though, you knew, and you'll be held liable.

Since the old Talmud law found it's way into a lot of (more or less) modern legislations, this may at one point been the law in England or the US, too.

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