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The rules aren't really that complicated. This is what you need to have in your profile (choose one from each section) -- if a particular form isn't listed here, then you should assume you can't use it:

First name, last name
First initial, last name
First name, last initial
(middle names or middle initials may be added to any of the above combinations)

City/state (or state) (US, AUS, MEX)
City/province (or province) (CAN)
City/county (or county) (UK)
City/country (if your country doesn't have states/provinces/counties or any other meaningful geographic subdivisions)

Decimal number representing years elapsed since your birth.


But really, nobody's going to get booted for not formatting his/her profile information absolutely correctly. My message in the OP was addressed to board members (and you know who you are) who still have fictitious information in their profiles. If you continue to lie about who you are, where you are, and/or how old you are, you won't get to stay on this board.

- snopes