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Tsk, Tsk

The whole opposite-sex siblings sharing rooms thing makes me VERY uneasy. This is because I can tell you of three people that I know/knew personally who were molested by older brothers because they had to share bedrooms. One was a family member. So, yeah, I've got a bit of a problem with the whole sitch.

Now, sharing with parents is a different thing, to me. First of all, if a parent is going to molest their kid, sleeping in separate bedrooms isn't going to stop 'em. Sleeping in the same bed, once the child hits puberty, gets a bit dodgy to me, but still... (Especially if we're talking opposite sex parent and child.)

I remember spending the night in hotels with my parents, and usually mom and I would sleep in one bed, and dad and kid sis in the other. This was around the time I hit puberty, and I was relieved 'cause it just felt funny to me to sleep in the same bed with my dad. (In a "normal" family, sis and I would've just shared a bed, but in our family, we woulda killed each other. That, and sis preferred to sleep with a parental unit.)

The funny thing is that now I prefer to sleep alone, and my sis (now in her
20's) still frequently sleeps with mom. I'm not sure if I'd ever get used to sleeping with somebody else at this point. I can see it now, if I ever get married-- we'll have twin beds, just like on the old sitcoms!

Now cats on my bed, that's a different story!

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