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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
The car was being hauled around the country and being displayed for money at the time it disappeared. So even then, the crashed car was considered valuable. IIRC, it disappeared from a flat bed car in a Chicago train yard.
There is or was a long thread over at Pelican Parts about this car. The wreck was sold to an LA-area doctor, who pulled the engine and put it into a Lotus IX (this car still exists and shows the modifications needed to install the Porsche engine. The same family also still has the engine). The transmission was sold on (and exists today). A few suspension bits were salvaged.

The famous display car was built by George Barris, who was given (or otherwise acquired) the rear clamshell and front hood from the Dean car and attached them to a vaguely Porsche shaped wreck to create the display. Comparing photos of the wreck to the one photo of the display that seems to exist bear this out, as those two pieces are the only things that bear any resemblance to the vehicle in the accident scene photos. One theory is that the basis of the display is a different Porsche that was known to have been in the Barris shop at the same time. Either way it's fairly obvious that the display car isn't the same as the wrecked car.

Most likely, the original car was recycled - it contained a lot of aluminum, and SoCal was, at the time, the center of American aerospace manufacturing. Aluminum could always be sold.
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