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Sure, flatbed railroad car, a truck, a sealed boxcar, etc. There are so many versions of that story. What that means to me, along with the fact that no one at the time reported it missing, is that its popularity had run its course. Other things had happened in five years and people weren't that interested in that story.

They were charging a quarter to see it at fairs and sometimes showing it supposedly for highway safety. It's not as if it were a valuable museum piece. Then, years later, when people remembered it they began asking where it went, the last owner told this story of it disappearing. I think it was just sent to the dump and this story was a way of saying "are you kidding? I would have never thrown away something so important" because ghosts stories and Dean's 'comeback' - as well as an overall increased interest in Americana - had made it seem that much more valuable. It's very unlikely that someone anticipated that but even more unlikely that they thought it needed to be hidden in the structure of some random building.
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