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Originally Posted by Johnny Slick View Post
Is it really a "weirdo" thing, though, when the tenets of the religion say that pedophilia is okay? It's like Christians saying that people who murder abortion doctors are not true Christians when there are in fact several Biblical accounts of defenders of the faith (granted, not exactly the Christian faith, but you don't see Jews bombing abortion clinics, and it's all in the same freaking book) murdering non-believers for "crimes" the modern liberal thinker would view as far less destructive than abortion (chiefly, worshipping other deities).
You wrote this several days ago but I want to comment on it. There is an important distinction in the Old Testament that you forgot, and that is the difference between civil law and vigilantism.

There were, indeed, severe legal penalties for things like adultery, rape, and idol worship, but people governed by the bible have never been allowed to just run around killing offenders without legal saction granted after the testimony of two or three witnesses.

As for the individual cases of God directing a prophet to put the Priests of Baal or some such to death, in 'the same freaking book' the New Testament specifically tells Christians 1, they are no longer bound to the law of the Old Testament (Galatians 5:18), and 2, to obey the rulers of the land in which the are living (Hebrews 13:17). Bombing an abortion clinic or murdering a doctor in cold blood is so far outside of both those things that there is no way you can tell a Christian they are bound to accept them as a part of their faith.
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