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I know that Khomeni gave a lot of fatwa's (religious rulings) on many many things that, quite frankly, go AGAINST Islam. I know people who own the books, although I have not asked for specific references; because there wasn't really much point! His rulings are not Quranically/ahadith based so, to any Allah-fearing Muslim, should be absolutely useless.

The Quran and ahadith allow marriage/sex with pre-pubescent girls; Quran in 65:4 (arabic) and the ahadith show that Muhammad (who's example Muslims should follow) married a six year old girl when he was 51 years old. This means it is halal (allowed) in Islam. Its not an obligation; but if a man wants to (and can afford it) he can do so.

But, Islam does not allow to my knowledge, any sexual contact with babies or bestiality. In fact the latter is expressly harem (forbidden).

Khomeni, to my knowledge, never provided any evidence as to why he ruled the way he did. A properly formed fatwa will say "here is the ruling and here is the evidence from Islamic texts". Khomeni just said "here is the ruling off you go."

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