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Default Ayatollah Khomeini pedophilia beastiality comments

I've been reading quotes posted from what is purportedly the book below as well as something called the "Little Green Book". The quotes have Khomeini saying that beastiality and sex with babies is permitted. Specifically, the quotes according to are said to come from volume four of Tahrir-ol-vasyleh. Shiites contest that there is such a volume 4, although the book itself is known to exist.

So, you look up the Wiki and there's a photo labeled volume 4. Right?

Happens that I know the Arabic numbers. Look at the number on the bottom spine of the book and compare it to the arabic numbers in the second link. It's a 2, not a 4.

Does this book exist and are the quotes real? BTW, I hate Khomeini, but I think snopes does a real service by busting myths and propaganda.
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