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Originally Posted by Errata View Post
I know plenty of Google people, and they get married and have kids, play sports, and do normal things to relax evenings and weekends, most of the time.
I have a cousin who works for Google and is getting married next month!
Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
Bloomberg has apparently taken that article down.

But finding a woman who supports Damore's statements doesn't make them less sexist.

Anyways, I skimmed the article and will give it a closer look when I'm not on my iPad. I will also need to collect my thoughts a bit more as I will admit a lot of my perspective is from my time in the military, where you don't get to organize workers or negotiate working conditions, so my gut reactions may not be entirely appropriate to the private sector and I need some time to mull it over. I will say there is a strong under-current of people saying things similar to what this Google engineer has said (we also get a lot of diversity training and oddly enough, a common critique is "we shouldn't be waisting our time on diversity training. The Taliban aren't and for that matter, neither are major corporations!") and for my part I don't think it's all wrong, but I question the emphasis some might place on it*. I don't think this engineer or I sould concern ourselves with rolling back diversification efforts: we have jobs to do, the company can worry about the bottom line, and the military can worry about readiness while we go about doing those jobs.

Anyways, it's hard to get too far past that cursory kind of discussion because in the military, "shut up and color" is an acceptable response to criticism of policy, perhaps even overly kind. There's a lot of nuance that doesn't get to come out, I mean. And sending out a government e-mail about how we should all get together and protest or even petition against diversification efforts? That'd be right out. My gut feeling is using company time/e-mail to do likewise should also be a no-no.

*ETA: And by "it" I mean rolling back diversification efforts. I just get suspicious of people who choose that as their hill to die on and haven't had a lot of favorable interactions with the few people I've spoken with or read about who have gone on about it at length. There's usually a pretty good fig-leaf of pro-equality statements there, but then it gets uglier as you pull it away.

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