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I was in the throes of a brief, doomed romance. I had attended a concert that Saturday night. I answered the question with an account of both. The guys stared blankly. Then silence. Then one of them said: "I built a fiber-channel network in my basement," and our co-workers fell all over themselves asking him to describe every step in loving detail.
Working on a personal technical project is not that normal of a weekend for an engineer (or a technician, which it sounds like she was), and if that's how they spend all their weekends it would be viewed as a bit eccentric, and manic enthusiasm does not always correspond to actual talent. For a student maybe they do that more, but when you have a full time job you get most of it out of your system. Attending a concert or dating is a normal weekend activity that be a natural response to that kind of question and lead to a normal conversation, even among engineers. Her anecdote is not very relatables. I know plenty of Google people, and they get married and have kids, play sports, and do normal things to relax evenings and weekends, most of the time.
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