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Default As a Woman in Tech, I Realized: These Are Not My People

Have you heard about the Google memo? Have you heard nothing but "Google memo" all week? James Damore, an engineer at Google, wrote a memo suggesting that maybe there weren’t so many women at Google because women are less interested in sitting around and staring at code all day. The internet erupted. James Damore is no longer working at Google.

As a woman working in the brotastic atmosphere of IT, I ultimately came to a conclusion similar to his. So I sympathize with him. Let me explain.\

(I don't put this out there as any attempt to defend Damore, but I thought the article provided an interesting perspective. I do kind of wish people could take a position to the effect of, "Well, yes, maybe men and women do have some differences in psychology or certain kinds of ability -- on the average -- but the evidence is not fully conclusive, and even if it's true, that doesn't mean we should deny opportunity, let alone be actively hostile, to those individuals who want to get into non-gender-traditional fields, or take it as a sign of innate superiority/inferiority, or that diversity doesn't have some virtue in and of itself.")
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