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Originally Posted by ChasFink View Post
Well the Apollo 11 video feed was rather crappy, but the film photos were VERY good, as were so many NASA photos at the time. I don't think the heavy gloves, etc. would be a big problem considering the cameras were built or adapted specifically for people in spacesuits on the Moon! In fact, most of the time the camera was mounted on the suit's chest area, adding stability and aiding in ease of use.
In any case, probably only the good photos were released to the public. The astronauts may have taken ten times more photos than we know, but they weren’t released to the public because there was no real reason to do so. Maybe someone in the field of astronomy or engineering could benefit from shots where the astronauts had their thumbs in front of the lenses or are such a blurry mess that who knows what it was supposed to be a picture of, but generally the public probably wouldn’t have much interest in them.
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