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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
The advice offered at the end of the OP article are very good: make sure kids are well-rested, not overly hungry, and that they get adult attention during dinner. When DD was little, she could go from not-hungry to ravenous and cranky in a very short time frame (mainly because she didn't know her body well enough to recognize the signs of hunger until it was extreme). So in addition to not making her wait too long between meals, I learned to ask for crackers or bread as soon as we sat down.
I used to give parents crackers until I cleaned up too many cracker crumbs from parents who used to let their kids hammer the cracker packets into dust and then the top would spring open. After awhile, I offered to bring them a selection from the salad bar: carrot sticks and stuff like that. Made life a lot easier.
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