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We have a dog liability insurance policy. The company asked us to put a Beware of Dog sign on the front of our house, "to alert people that there is a dog on the property." That's all they said about it, and when I called to say I did, they were satisified, they didn't need a picture or anything. So I can't imagine it's that important liability-wise if they didn't even want proof I did it. And they didn't care what size it was - I got a nice little name-plate kind that's on the bottom of the door. Right below where my boy's head is when he's looking out the front door at the world.
They don't want to see a picture because they don't really care that it's there. They just want you to "warranty" that it is. That way, if someone gets hurt by your dog and there isn't a BoD sign, they can refuse to cover you.

You have to keep in mind that the insurance business isn't about helping people - it's about collecting premiums while keeping claims payments to a minimum.
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