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Icon05 'Beware of dog' signs make you liable?

I have heard this a lot but no one has ever given a solid source or law to back it up.
I always hear that if you have a "Beware of Dog" sign or sign, you are "admitting" that you have an aggressive dog, so if your dog bites someone you will be in more trouble because you are admitting liability/saying that you know you have a dangerous dog.
However I have also heard that if you have a "beware" sign you are actually protecting yourself from litigation if your dog bites someone because they were warned before entering your yard.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any actual laws or cases that match either of those ideas because I keep hearing people state these as fact, especially the first one ('don't put up a sign because it means you're liable') but haven't found any proof of this.
I always figured if your dog bites someone you're going to be held responsible no matter what signs you have up, but not 'more responsible' if you have a sign up. The sign just (hopefully) makes people think twice before entering your yard.
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