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Default Is this from Bill Maher accurate?

Bill Maher made some pretty spectacular claims about Trump's new cabinet. I would like Snopes to find out how accurate they are. I'm enclosing a link to the show. It starts at 27:10. Sorry if I spelled their names wrong - I'm not that familiar with the men.

* Rick Perry just found out he was in charge of the nukes (23:00)
*Andy Puzder not only doesn't want to raise the minimum wage he also wants to
deny fast food workers their rights to breaks and paying overtime.
* Tom Price thinks abortion is murder, gays shouldn't get married, doesn't believe in public health care, doesn't think HIV causes aids and bought stock in a company that makes hip implants then passed a bill that benefits companies that make hip implants.
* The guest ( I didn't catch her name) says at one point that one of the members of his new cabinet threw a 90 year old woman out of her house for owing 27 cents. I didn't catch where on the tape she said it so I didn't get his name but it's on the same show. That's the one I'm most interested in.
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