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Yes, that is correct but (tl;dr) it doesn't change the fact the vast majority of their clients get zero human contact of any kind.

One of the things that has come to light in all of this is that, like conventional ad marketing, they are willing to spend human resources to get close to clients and keep them happy. The money from clients that get such attention is a large part of their business but a very tiny percentage of clients. (I'm sure the same is true for old media but to a lesser degree and, again, small or large, they are much more likely to go through an old media ad agency to place those ads.) So flying under the radar means flying anywhere under 10000 meters. The amounts spent managed to stay well under, in part by spreading it out over many clients.

I'm inclined to believe, given the relatively low grand total found so far, plus the fact that it seems to be concentrated on a few specific locales, that this was more of a testbed concept to see the results. Much more effort was obviously spent on the (largely successful, IMO) projects of influencing by direct contact and strategic leaks.
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