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Mouse, your question reminded me of a segment I saw on a news show years ago. This guy made counterfeit hundred-dollar bills as an art form, and would go to local merchants, explain that the bill was a counterfeit he created as a hobby, and ask whether they would give him merchandise in exchange for it. Most stores refused, but one actually agreed. It was interesting because he was being completely upfront about it; he made it very clear to everyone that it wasn't real money. In a way, it's not so different than any other kind of bartering; you make something, you ask someone else to trade you something of theirs for it; as long as everyone knows what they're getting and agrees to it it's all fair. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the retailer who agreed to give him merchandise in exchange for the counterfeit bill did so not because he appreciated the artistry of creating such a convincing forgery, but because he figured he could just drop the fake bill in the register and no one would ever have to know. And I think the artist had to know that was at least a risk, and therefore maybe should bear some responsibility.